Tell WGME and WPFO: Stop airing Trump propaganda.

Two of Maine's most trusted local news stations, WGME (channel 13) and WPFO (channel 23), have been airing pro-Trump propaganda segments during normal news broadcasts at the demand of its right-wing corporate owner, Sinclair Broadcasting.

The segments are straight out of an Orwell novel, with former Trump campaign loudmouth Boris Epshteyn parroting White House talking points and completely false right-wing conspiracy theories.

We trust our local news stations to use their Maine common sense to be fair and accurate and to hold up important journalistic standards -- not to air fake news and blatant propaganda. We must urge WGME and WPFO to stand strong and reject demands from Sinclair to air these dangerous propaganda segments.

Tell WGME and WPFO: Stop airing Trump propaganda.

Mainers, like most people across the country, tune into the local news for high school sports scores, the weather, and great local stories. The reporters and producers at our local Maine news stations are top notch and deserve our utmost respect. Year after year after year, WGME receives so many awards for its coverage that its easy to lose count.
That's why it's so troubling to see our trusted local news stations contaminated by this right-wing disinformation campaign by Texas-based Sinclair. The broadcasting giant reaches tens of millions of households across the country and requires its local affiliates to air these "must-run" pro-Trump propaganda segments without opposing viewpoints each week, which cover everything from Trump's conspiracy theory of massive voter fraud in the 2016 election to claiming the national media publishes fake news (ironic, isn't it?).

This isn't a Republican or Democratic issue. It's an American issue, and it's at the core of what it means to have a free and independent press in our country. One of the missions of the press is to hold the government accountable and inform the public about how public policies impact their lives.

WGME and WPFO can do better -- and Mainers deserve better. These stations can and should stand up to Sinclair and stop airing this propaganda once and for all.

Tell WGME and WPFO: Stop airing Trump propaganda.

Thanks for everything you do.

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Mainers expect their local news stations to be fair and accurate and to hold up important journalistic standards. Stand up to Sinclair Broadcasting and stop airing pro-Trump propaganda.

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